GoBiG Meeting May 30

Our Master of Article, Fredrik Boulund, have selected the paper “GAGE: A critical evaluation of genome assemblies and assembly algorithms” for the next GoBiG meeting, and on a first glance it looks like a very exciting read. The paper and its supplementary material can be found here:


The meeting will take place in MVL15 in the Mathematics Building on Chalmers, same room as last time for those of you who were there. We will meet at 15.00 and start with some tea or coffee and then go straight to the article discussion.

Afterwards we will continue to the restaurant Ölrepubliken (which has an extraordinary assortment of good beers), where we have reserved a table at 18.00. We would like you to pick food at the restaurant from the menu (which canbe found here: http://media.olrepubliken.se/NY-MENY-MARS2012.pdf ). The menu is in Swedish, but I assume you can find a nice person who can translate it for you. Otherwise, I can be that nice person if necessary.

Please make your choice of food by going to the Doodle again and add a comment on the bottom of the page, containing your name and choice of food. If you do not select any food, we will not order anything for you – you’ll just get beer… Make your food choice before Tuesday the 22nd!

You find the Doodle here: http://doodle.com/vcpr994hbuhqcdtp

If you have not yet signed up on the Doodle, you can do so until the 22nd, we still have spaces both at the restaurant and the meeting! Remember that you can join only the meeting, the dinner or both.

In summary:
May 30, 15.00 in MVL15. Book food at the Doodle (http://doodle.com/vcpr994hbuhqcdtp) before the 22nd.