Mumame – Mutation Mapping in Metagenomes
Shruthi Magesh, Viktor Jonsson, Johan Bengtsson-Palme
bioRxiv, 438572 (2018). doi: 10.1101/438572

Mumame is a software tool that allows mapping of shotgun metagenomic reads to point mutations. It comes with a database builder that builds a special mutation database, which is then used by the main tool to map metagenomic reads using Usearch. It also comes with an R script to analyze the output data. For more information, see the manual or the pre-print.

Download Mumame (version 1.0b)

Please note that this is a beta-version of Mumame. Please report bugs to my: first name (dot) last name (at) microbiology (dot) se

Version history

  • 11th October 2018 – 1.0b – fixed a bug in the last row of the R script, causing the output table not to be written.
  • 26th September 2018 – 1.0b – first public release.

Contact information

Johan Bengtsson-Palme (firstname.lastname [at]
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wisconsin Institute for Discovery

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