Johan Bengtsson-Palme is currently not teaching as part of any scheduled courses. He has previously been teaching at the following courses at the University of Gothenburg:

  • BIO900: Cell biology (basic course)
    Cell cycles, microbial ecology and evolution, biochemical cycling, adaption and selection
  • BIO403: Advanced Bioinformatics
  • BIO277: Molecular Microbiology
    Antibiotic resistance
  • BIO003: DNA as a mirror of time: from Neanderthals to future climate changes
    Antibiotic resistance
  • OM6010: Pharmacology and Pathology for Nurses
    Pharmaceuticals in the environment
  • OM6540: Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology and Microbiology
    Pharmaceuticals in the environment
  • Medical inter-professional day on human rights in healthcare