Lab alumni

– Other persons supervised by Dr. Bengtsson-Palme –

Shruthi Magesh
Visiting undergraduate student
at University of Wisconsin-Madison

Shruthi contributed to the Mumame software package, which can be used to quantify and compare the relative abundances of point mutations in shotgun metagenomic sequencing data. As of May 2019, Shruthi is about to start her doctoral studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Rickard Hammarén
Master student

Rickard investigated the prevalence of antibiotic resistance genes and the evolutionary factors shaping their distribution in Swedish wastewater treatment plants using metagenomic sequencing data. Rickard also contributed to the FARAO software package. As of May 2019, Rickard is a doctoral student for Carina Schlebusch at the Department of Organismal Biology at Uppsala University, studying historic migrations and patterns of admixture.

Kim Andreas Æbelø
Medical student (Amanuensis)

Kim worked with tracking fecal contamination using metagenomic data by establishing a gene catalog of fecal indicator bacteria. As of May 2017, Kim is a radiologist at St. Olav’s University Hospital in Trondheim.

Oscar Hsin-Fu Liu
Master student
Co-supervised with Kaisa Thorell

Oscar did bioinformatic analysis of RNAseq data from gastric bacteria in samples from patients with Helicobacter pylori-associated carcinogenesis. As of May 2019, Oscar is a doctoral student at the University of Eastern Finland.