FARAO Parsers

FARAO – The Flexible All-Round Annotation Organizer
Rickard Hammarén, Chandan Pal, Johan Bengtsson-Palme

FARAO Parser archive

  • Microbiology.se Annotation parsers [last updated 2015-12-15]
    This parser package includes annotation parsers for Kadocc, Metaorf and Pemap. Written and maintained by Johan Bengtsson-Palme.
  • RazerS3 Annotation parser [last updated 2015-12-15]
    This parser package includes an annotation parser for the RazerS3 software. Written by Johan Bengtsson-Palme.

Brief installation instructions
To add additional parsers to FARAO, download the zip-archive, unzip it and add the parser file to the directory “add_annotation_parsers” (for annotation parsers) or the “add_mapped_reads_parsers” directory (for read coverage parsers). Note that these two directories must be located in the same directory where the add_annotation and add_mapped_reads executables are installed for FARAO to find them.

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