GoBiG Meeting April 22

Hope you all have had a happy Easter! It’s time for the April GoBiG meeting. Note that for the second month in a row, this meeting will be slightly earlier than usual, due to the first-of-May-weekend (don’t forget to see the Cortège, on the last of April if you have not seen it before!). The meeting will take place on Monday April the 22nd. Don’t miss that either.

– Date: Monday April 22 2013
– Master of Article: Francesco Gatto
– We will meet for fika at 15:00 in the lunch room at the Math department on Chalmers
– We will have a table reserved at 18.00 at Bottles ‘N’ Chimneys
– Answer if you are going to come on Thursday 18/4 at the latest, by filling in this Doodle: