GoBiG Meeting January 31

I hope you have all already reserved Thursday January 31 for our next GoBiG meeting, if not – it is time to do so now! The theme this time is database integration, and we will be led through it by Kemal Sanli.

– Journal club meeting article is:
Stein, L. D. Integrating biological databases. Nat Rev Genet 4, 337–345 (2003).
– Kemal has also provided two additional articles for further reading, if you’re interested:
Birney, E. & Clamp, M. Biological database design and implementation. Brief Bioinformatics 5, 31–38 (2004).
Wilke, A. et al. The M5nr: a novel non-redundant database containing protein sequences and annotations from multiple sources and associated tools. BMC Bioinformatics 13, 141 (2012).
Date: Thursday January 31 2013
– We will meet for fika at 15:00 in the lunch room at the Math department at Chalmers, and continue with article discussion
– We will have a table booked at 18.00 at Johannebar (http://johannebar.se/Johannebar/MENY.html)
– Answer if you are going to come, on Tuesday 29/1 at the latest, by filling in this Doodle:
I would also like to remind you to fill in your preferred activities for 2013 before the meeting on this Doodle:

Only five have done it yet, so there’s room for more opinions! The results will be used as the foundation for the discussion about the future that will also take place during the meeting.