GoBiG Meeting November 26

We are already in November and it’s time to announce the details for the November GoBiG meeting. This time, Francesco Gatto takes the role as Master of Article, and we will have an interesting read on signal processing for improving read mapping. The meeting will take place on Tuesday, November 26, at 15.00. This time we will be in the Maths building at Chalmers, in MVH11. But first, we gather for fika in the Math lunch room.

For the dinner this time, we will go to Johannebar, located very near Chalmers, where we have a table reserved at 17.30 (Note that this is slightly earlier than usual!) Please fill in the Doodle below.

I would like to ask you to think about the following things in addition to the paper:

1) The special Christmas meeting. The focus for it will be on Technologies. Myself, Fredrik Boulund and Kaisa Thorell will have gone to a single-cell sequencing and next-generation sequencing congress in London, and we will try to present what we heard to the rest of you. Additionally, it would be nice with contributions from the rest of you. If you have had any contacts, been to a conference, or read something cool about regarding upcoming technologies, software etc., please e-mail me so we can set up a program filled with knowledge sharing for the December meeting!

2) We have previously checked the interest for arranging the Swedish Bioinformatics Workshop in Gothenburg next year. We have to start working on that now, and we should discuss this on the November GoBiG meeting. I guess we should aim for a date in October or November next year for the Bioinformatics Workshop.

3) To keep GoBiG alive, we need to have new people coming in and take on some minor responsibility. If you are interested in handling the communication or fixing the restaurant bookings, and thereby keep the network alive, please send me an e-mail.

– Journal club meeting, article is:
Kumar, V. et al. Uniform, optimal signal processing of mapped deep-sequencing data. Nat Biotechnol 31, 615–622 (2013).
– Date: Tuesday, November 26
– Master of Article: Francesco Gatto
– We will meet for fika at 15:00 in the Math lunchroom at Chalmers
– We will have a table reserved at 17.30 at the restaurant Johannebar
– Answer if you are going to come on Friday 22/11 at the latest, by filling in this Doodle: