GoBiG Meeting October 30

I hope that all of you are enjoying the autumn! It’s time for another GoBiG meeting, with Chandan Pal as Master of Article. This time we will have another look at genome assembly and what has happened in the last two years! The meeting will take place on Wednesday October 30, at 15.00. We will be at a completely new place this time, at Guldhedsgatan 10A, floor 3. See this Google Map.

For the dinner this time, we will go to the restaurant Chili, close to Linnéplatsen, where we have a table reserved at 18.00.

Meeting information:
– Journal club meeting, article is:
Magoc, T., Pabinger, S., Canzar, S., Liu, X., Su, Q., Puiu, D., Tallon, L. J. & Salzberg, S. L. (2013). GAGE-B: an evaluation of genome assemblers for bacterial organisms. Bioinformatics 29, 1718–1725.
– Date: Wednesday, October 30
– Master of Article: Chandan Pal
– We will meet for fika at 15:00 in Handbiblioteket, Guldhedsgatan 10A, floor 3
– We will have a table reserved at 18.00 at the restaurant Chili
– Answer if you are going to come on Monday 28/10 at the latest, by filling in this Doodle: