GoBiG Meeting September 26

Time has come to start again with out monthly meetings for the autumns! We will do it slightly special this time and bring up a blog post by Titus Brown from last summer. I will not go through it with a proper presentation, instead I would like to discuss the seven points he brings up as “open problems in NGS analysis”. The blog post can be read in 10 minutes, so please take your time! I think we could have a quite neat discussion around those points. I will of course try to come up with some intelligent views on them, but I don’t promise any good input…

Link to the blog post:

Time and place:
Thursday September 26: 15.00 in the Math lunch room, meeting in room MVL15 at ~15.30

Dinner at 18.00 at Ölrepubliken
I think they want us to pre-order food, so please take a look at the menu and comment on the doodle with your choice of food.

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