GoBiG Special Meeting June 19

The time has come for our final GoBiG meeting of the Spring 2013. This time, we will have a special Problem Solving Special Meeting. That means that there will be no article to read this time, but instead I’d ask you to bring a fresh mind! The meeting will take place at Chalmers, in MVL15 in the Maths building. As usual we will first meet for fika in the lunch room at 15.00. Then the schedule looks like this:

15.00 Fika (Math lunchroom)
15.30 Session 1: “Parallelized quantification of genes in large metagenomic datasets” by Fredrik Boulund
16:25 Short break
16:30 Session 2: “Assigning functional predictions to NGS data” by Johan Bengtsson-Palme
~17:30 Promenade to restaurant 2112 (with delicious hamburgers)

The restaurant table is booked at 18.00. Indicate if you will come to the meeting, the dinner, or both at this Doodle:

Finally, please send me a mail if you are interested in being master of article during the Fall!