GoBiG – Gothenburg Bioinformatics Group for PhD Students

GoBiG is a student driven network for PhD students dealing with bioinformatics in Gothenburg. The group is open to anyone which qualifies as such a PhD student and you can apply to become a member by filling in this form. More info on GoBiG can be found here.

The group is currently run as a journal club, associated with social activities. GoBiG is closely associated to GOTBIN (the Gothenburg Bioinformatics Network).

Evaluation of 2012’s activities

Master of article noted in parenthesis. Each meeting starts at 15.00 with coffee, tea and cake. After the meetings, the plan is that we go out and have dinner together.

    Thursday, January 31 (Master of Article: Kemal Sanli)
    Wednesday, February 27 (MoA: José Sanchez)
    Tuesday, March 19 (MoA: Chandan Pal)
    Monday, April 22 (MoA: Francesco Gatto)
    Thursday, May 30 (MoA: Amir Feizi)
    Wednesday, June 19 (Spring Special Meeting)
    Thursday, September 26 (MoA: Johan Bengtsson-Palme)
    Wednesday, October 30 (MoA: Chandan Pal)
    Tuesday, November 26 (MoA: Francesco Gatto)
    Monday, December 16 (Christmas Special Meeting: Focus on Technologies)
    Thursday, April 26 – GoBiG Introduction Meeting
    Wednesday, May 30 (Fredrik Boulund)
    Tuesday, June 19 (Anna Johnning)
    Monday, August 30 (Kaisa Thorell)
    Thursday, September 27 (Mariana Pereira)
    Wednesday, October 31 (Viktor Jonsson)
    Tuesday, November 27 (Johan Bengtsson-Palme)
    Monday, December 17 – GoBiG Christmas Meeting with Presentations
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