Special GoBiG Christmas Meeting December 16

So, we’ve reached the end of this GoBiG year and it’s time for the final GoBiG Meeting. The topic of this special meeting will be Upcoming Technologies. Primarily, there will be discussions about new sequencing techniques, based on the upcoming things we have heard about at the Next Generation Sequencing Congress in London. However, you are free to bring other technology-related updates, but please let me know in advance that you want to say something so we can adapt the schedule. If you want to bring up something, please send me an e-mail at December 12, at the latest.

The meeting will take place on Monday, December 16, at 15.30. This time we will be in the Maths building at Chalmers, in MVL15. Before that, we gather for fika in the Math lunch room at 15.00.

For the dinner this time, we will go to Thali, located close to Järntorget, where we have a table reserved at18.00. Please fill in the Doodle below.

– Special meeting with focus on Upcoming Technologies
– Date: Monday, December 16
– We will meet for fika at 15:00 in the Math lunchroom at Chalmers
– We will have a table reserved at 18.00 at the restaurant Thali
– Answer if you are going to come on Friday 13/12 at the latest, by filling in this Doodle:

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